The Digital Marketing Guide to AI for Social Media

The Digital Marketing Guide to AI for Social Media

Social media is one of the most important tools in the marketing arsenal of every business.

With over 3 billion users globally, these platforms for creating and sharing news, ideas, photos, and pretty much everything you can think of, have become increasingly powerful in terms of influencing public opinion, popular trends, consumer behavior, and purchasing decisions.

Besides that, social media networks allow brands to communicate directly and interactively with their target audience which provides them with a lot of valuable, firsthand customer information.

However, this means that there are large volumes of uncategorized data that humans can’t process and analyze on their own, which renders them practically useless.

Enter Artificial Intelligence, a technology capable of making sense of all this data.

But that’s not all that AI has in store for digital marketers – there are numerous other exciting implementations of this advanced concept.

Supercharge Your Social Listening

Social listening takes your social media monitoring to a whole new level, as it doesn’t just keep tabs on when and how people mention your brand.

This tactic is more proactive in the sense that it tracks and analyzes conversations around specific topics, industries, keywords, and phrases, thus identifying new opportunities and creating highly-targeted content recommendations.

An apt AI-powered social listening tool will help you leverage the fast-paced and ever-changing social media landscape and make the most of it by providing you with the relevant data which will influence your messaging and content creation, as well as help you interact with your audience in real time and with the right message.

Step Up Your Customer Service Game

U.S. companies lose $62 billion a year as a result of poor customer service.

Your customers expect a prompt, timely, and effective approach to solving their issues, which is why implementing chatbots in your social media efforts will prevent you from becoming yet another bad customer experience stat.

With the help of AI and NLP, chatbots can overcome their limitations such as being reduced to using only predefined phrases and questions when interacting with customers. The latest developments in the field will enable them to understand not only what customers say, but also how they feel, thus allowing them to respond accordingly.

Apart from being used for providing automated, 24/7 customer support on Facebook, chatbots will also have the purpose of engaging with your target audience and collecting and processing their personal information as well as identifying what their needs and interests are.

Go Mobile

Given that more than 52% of people browse the internet from their mobile devices, it’s clear that you have to adjust to this trend and implement social media mobile apps if you want to grow your presence.

Besides that, the immediacy of social media marketing is something that practically requires you to be constantly at your desk updating update your status, addressing a pressing issue, or replying to your customers’ questions, but luckily, social media mobile apps give you the freedom to do all this on-the-go.

No matter whether you want to create and schedule your social media posts, receive the most relevant content recommendations based on your preferences, or manage your Facebook Page, according to professionals specializing in the field of app design, AI is a true game changer.

For example, you can greatly benefit from an AI-powered mobile app which blocks and removes offensive Instagram posts without you having to check and do it manually every hour.

Find Your Products on Social Media

Many people tend to wear performance sportswear casually and without basketball courts and hiking trails.

This information is extremely important for sports brands because they can fine-tune their marketing strategies and target the right audience segment.

Social media is a goldmine of such insights because people love posting pics of their new kicks and some of them will proudly tag the brand. But many won’t, which means that companies can’t rely on traditional metric tools to tell them how and where their products are used.

The same applies to any industry and niche.

Luckily, the synergy of image recognition and AI creates a sophisticated technology which can search through an endless stream of images, spot those containing the products of the brand in question, and identify the location where the photos were taken as well as other relevant information.

Pick the Right Time and Cadence

Timing is everything on social media.

Knowing when and how often you should post your content on a particular social media channel can greatly affect the performance of your efforts.

For example, some surveys have shown that the best day to post on Instagram is Thursday, while you can expect the most consistent engagement from 9 AM to 6 PM CDT Tuesday to Friday.

However, there’s no need to rely on individual surveys because they might not work for your audience. Instead of that, using social media scheduling tools powered by AI will make your life easier as they will generate the right posting time and cadence by analyzing your audience’s preferences and combining the results with the industry data. All these examples illustrate how Artificial Intelligence can transform your social media marketing and tremendously boost its effectiveness, so make sure to jump on the AI bandwagon if you already haven’t.

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Our experts will evaluate your unique business opportunities & determine where you can improve to drive more traffic and leads for your brand.
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