How to Focus Your Marketing Campaigns

How to Focus Your Marketing Campaigns

Without clarity and focus on your marketing campaigns, you’re merely spending on strategies that won’t get you any results. Digital marketing in the Philippines needs to be specific, defined, and targeted. Read this blog to learn how to focus your marketing campaigns. 


When you think about your brand, the products you are offering, or your marketing campaigns, you can probably think of a handful of other businesses that are seemingly identical. You’re not the only player in your industry — and you’re going to have a lot of other competitors in that sea with you. 


But that doesn’t mean that you can simply duplicate what others are doing and adapt it to your brand. Every business has something unique to bring to the table, especially when it comes to its marketing strategies


Digital marketing in the Philippines isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. As unique as your brand is, you also need to curate marketing campaigns that suit who YOU are and what you have to bring to the table. That’s why cookie-cutter techniques won’t work. Instead, your marketing campaigns need to be focused — and it all starts with your target market. 


In this article, we provide tips on focusing your marketing campaigns, from defining your target market to delivering your message. 


Defining Your Target Market 

Knowing and understanding your target market should be one of the first steps you take when establishing your brand. It’s a necessary task before you even start to sell or create your marketing campaigns. When you know who your target market is to a T, you will be in a much better place to reach and engage them through tailored strategies and a resonating message. 

When defining your target market and curating your ideal customer persona, be specific and identify the following: 



Which industries does your offer best align with? This is a crucial question to ask, especially if you’re a B2B enterprise. Your goal is to become to household name or go-to provider in a specific industry, so you need to find one particular sector to target. 

When making this decision, ask yourself how you can help companies in that industry. Ideally, your products or services should be able to: 

  • Increase their revenue 
  • Increase their profitability
  • Improve their quality 
  • Reduce their operations costs and cycle time 

You may find that you match up well with ten different industries. However, try to limit your target to 2-3. It’s much better to have a strong presence and become a top provider in only a few industries than to have a weak position in various different sectors. 



A lot of brands make the mistake of being too broad with their marketing campaigns. And understandably so, considering that they are after scaling their business fast and tapping into various regional or local areas. 

However, marketing to everyone and anyone can cause the people who need you the most to be underserved. You need to set the boundaries and identify the locations that you are best positioned to cater to. 

We know that you have a growth-oriented sales mindset that aims to branch out or expand your reach in the near future. But focusing on a targeted area allows you to achieve higher profitability — acquiring customers is easier, quicker, and cheaper. It’s most effective to stay focused on your targeted geography and tailor your sales force to predefined locations.


Delivering Your Message

When you’ve fully understood who your target market is and how you can help them, you can start crafting your message. A brand message should be able to communicate who YOU are and how you can help your target customers. Make sure that you leverage your value proposition and reinforce your branding. 


Delivering your message requires selecting the best medium and of course, identifying who you should be talking to. According to research, 90% of marketing campaigns are not targeted to the right people. They completely skip the one group that matters — the decision-makers. 


Decision-makers are those who have the capacity to approve any purchase decisions within the company. When delivering your message, make sure that you start with the decision-maker and pitch your brand and offers to them! 


Make Your Marketing Campaigns Count 

Even the best marketing campaign will get you nowhere if you don’t have a clear idea of who your target market is and deliver your message accordingly. It’s important to have clarity when marketing your brand — and that starts with focusing your campaigns to reach the right people and deliver the right message. 

Let Citrus help you focus your digital marketing efforts in the Philippines. From SEO and social media marketing to PPC and remarketing campaigns, we can be your partners in taking your business to the next level. Contact us to get started.


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Our experts will evaluate your unique business opportunities & determine where you can improve to drive more traffic and leads for your brand.
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Don't worry, we don't give out your info. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.
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