Valuable Business Lessons From “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Valuable Business Lessons From “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

The “Wolf of Wall Street” is an iconic movie, praised by businessmen all around the world. True enough, there are a number of valuable business lessons we can learn from the life of Jordan Belfort, and we’ve listed them all to inspire you in your business venture. 


If we were asked to make a list of the most recommended movies for businessmen, entrepreneurs, or professionals in the digital marketing scene in the Philippines, The Wolf of Wall Street” will, no doubt, be among the top runners. 


Since it hit theaters in 2013, the film has sparked a lot of controversy for showcasing the questionably exuberant lifestyle and contentious business tactics of Wall Street businessman, Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo De Caprio). 


But despite this, the movie has very valuable gems to pick up about good business. In fact, Jordan Belfort is a “legend” to any aspiring entrepreneur. We’re here to drop all the gems. Here are 9 of the greatest and most valuable business lessons we learned from “The Wolf Of Wall Street.”


1. Ambitions Push You Forward

Throughout the film, we definitely felt how Jordan’s character was extremely ambitious. He never settled and always wanted to find ways to upscale his career and his cash stack.

This is an important business lesson. Entrepreneurs with no ambition barely get the drive they need to go for big, and eventually bigger, things. Ambition is a trait all entrepreneurs need to possess because it creates a clear vision of how they should scale their businesses.

We see Jordan’s ambition throughout the film, going from a Wall Street stockbroker to eventually owning his own firm (and a lot more). His own ambition is a driving force that made him what he is — and what he eventually will become. 

2. Master Your Craft 

When Jordan was exploring the world of stock brokerage, he came across penny stocks. These very penny stocks are what will build Jordan’s empire, Stratton Oakmont.

What makes Jordan extraordinary is the mastery of his craft. He studied and obsessed with his niche, making him an expert in all aspects. This is what sets him apart from other brokerage firms, and aspiring entrepreneurs or digital marketing professionals in the Philippines can definitely pick this up in their own journeys. 

3. You are Bought as Much as Your Product

When you’re starting out, you’ll find yourself pitching your idea, product, or service to a lot of people. And if you don’t sell, well, you won’t grow. This is evident throughout the film as we saw most of Jordan’s success heavily reliant on his ability to sell himself (along with his product). 


Jordan was the kind of person who dressed sharply and had a strong personality. This makes him believable and trustworthy, allowing him to sell whatever he pitches. 

4. Value Your Employees 

Even today, one of the common causes of corporations shutting down is because they are not able to manage their employees. Employees are the lifeline of any organization and keeping them happy should definitely be a top priority.

Jordan had multiple gigs to keep his employees happy and satisfied, and this created a lot of noise in the brokerage world. In fact, people lined up to work for Mr. Belfort. Jordan not only compensated his employees well but also made sure they were motivated and having a good time. 

5. IPOs are Not Good Investments 

While Jordan did profit a lot from IPOs, we can learn from the movie that IPOs are extremely bad investments. The risks involved with them make them more of a gamble than a sustainable investment. 

6. The Only Thing Definite is That It’s Indefinite 

In several instances, Jordan can be quoted throughout the film selling something that’s “sure” or “guaranteed”. While this is a questionably good pitch to get people to buy something, it’s not at all ethical.

It’s a rule of life that a lot of things are indefinite, especially in the business world. Even big companies listed in the stock market have risks associated with them, so “definite” is non-existential. 

7. Be Persistent 

Just like any success story, Jordan’s started with setbacks here and there. When he first started out his journey, the first company he worked for shut down. But, here’s the great thing. That didn’t stop him from pursuing big things, which led him to launch his own firm and achieve the lifestyle he dreamed of. 

Just like Jordan Belfort, be persistent and keep trying, no matter what profession or venture you are pursuing. 

8. Learn From Experience 

While failure is bitter, successful entrepreneurs always find ways to find lessons in failure. Jordan Belfort is a master of this. Whatever’s thrown at him — whether that’s losing his job in Wall Street to shutting down his company, he’ll always find ways to rise back up, take risks, and apply his learnings from his experiences. 

9. Too Much of Anything is Bad 

From vices to ambitions and greed to power, anything excessive is bad. Jordan’s success is definitely inspiring and something to look up to, but along with his success was tons of excesses. Jordan had an excessive ambition, which eventually drowned his empire.

In everything you do, it’s important to keep your feet on the ground and be careful not to cross the line. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself back to square one. 


Amid the chaotic career path, lavish lifestyles, and excessive business choices we saw in the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street” was a masterpiece abundant with gems and life lessons every businessman and professional can apply.


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