Our Digital Marketing Process

Our Process

Social Media Marketing isn’t traditional advertising. It’s not a single statement or 5 lines of copy in a newspaper. It’s communication and interaction with people. For social media marketing and communication to inspire interaction, it has to be in “your voice.”

Citrus.ph works in partnership with you to develop an accurate social media voice. Our social media process will get you noticed, liked, followed, shared, tweeted and pinned, which means increased visibility and revenue for your business.

Where To Begin?

We like to begin by getting to know you–truly getting to know you and your business. We don’t have you simply fill out a form and create a cookie-cutter program that could fit anybody anywhere. We’ve found that our clients don’t know what they don’t know. By having discussions with you from the very start and throughout the process, you’re able to more easily define what you’re looking for. That shared information helps us develop a social media strategy that gets honed over time.

What Sets Us Apart

Communication! Our initial consultation helps us understand your goals and lets you ponder and provide information that is thought out and more defined. It also sparks conversations that ignite accurate strategy, ensuring a more unified and synergistic marketing plan for everything you want to achieve.

To ensure the foundation for everything we do is solid and clearly understood, we feel it’s important to keep you very closely looped in for the first couple of months That means dialogue flows as you begin to see how your prospects and followers react to posted content.

Feedback from your fans and followers and their level of participation helps us better understand what’s possible and what’s working best. It may also change the direction you want to go. Nothing is set in stone! We make sure your social media strategy is producing the very best results.

What We Do

A quick glance at the Digital Marketing Services and responsibilities of Citrus Fresh Solutions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines has numerous kinds of postings in the web crawler and result pages (SERPs), it also includes pay-per-click views to enhance the ranking of web pages. Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically the process of elevating the position of a webpage by appropriate usage of a variety of using keywords in the Content. It increases both number and quality of visitors in terms of relevance. SEO is sometimes offered as a separate service which can bring a tremendous positive change in the response received by a webpage. It is a slow process and most of the times it demands patience to get the desired results. SEO can bring guaranteed results which can last for long as it attracts a majority of organic traffic on to a webpage, which gives long-term results.

Benefits of  SEO:-

  • It is one of the highly targeted techniques where qualified visitors get in touch with the business.
  • You get to be in touch with typically low-cost visitors who approach without even investing in media or ad display. It is solely depended on how good you are in the optimizing process.
  • Search engines tend to crawl and reward you purely based on organic and relevant content updated on your site.

Lead generation

Lead generation is gaining sales through developing the interest in products and service. It leverages different digital channels to take the entire process to another level. These days a lot of buyers compare businesses based on the content which is published online. Hence, by merging traditional lead generation techniques with new age digital marketing to find new potential needs is the latest trend.

  • Lack of follow up surely affects the business development and will eventually fail to meet its purpose. It is important to focus on individual expertise and capabilities rather than seeking sales with zero customer satisfaction.
  • Database penetration helps in identifying where valuable data resides on the web.
  • Targeted banners that are advertised on the web are useful materials for the product launch, gaining target audience and effortless sales.
  • Lead filtering will help your brand to find the audience who are highly interested in your product and services.


Google Adwords is an online advertising service which requires a Google Adwords certified professional. It is all about right placement of advertisements on Google page for a particular business or query. This is how Google Adwords contribute as it is one of the biggest paid online media which targets specific audience who can patronize your business. It is much more than ads displayed on basis of keywords as they don’t necessarily make sales every time.

  • We have Google Certified team that dedicatedly work with you & make sure how should you pay for every single click and still derive the desired ROI.
  • Improve your Click-through-rate (CTR)by showcasing an appropriate USP.

Enabling Geo-targeting and to set up conversion tracker

Display marketing

Display marketing is a deep concept but it will surely offer you exactly what you expect. Hence, you should use it without missing a bit.

  • We create remarketing ads which will increase your brand’s exposure.
  • Target the right websites to place your ads.
  • Target audiences of two different categories:-
  • People who are eagerly waiting to buy a product or service as soon as possible.
  • Audiences who aren’t into research mode

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has evolved over the past few years and the social interactions are getting better each day. Billions of audiences are connected online by different social platforms, and they can be your potential customers too. So we help you to track them down on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Social media has brought an immense change in the traditional way of marketing. We have hired the best social media marketing experts significant experience in creating campaigns that can give goosebumps to customers.

  • Engaging in content marketing strategies to increase more visibility on various platforms.
  • Proper content distribution based on the nature of the platform and audience. Updating the content on regular basis to be in touch with the audience regularly is equally important.
  • Influencer marketing will help in building a brand reputation through even a basic action of replying to queries or comments.

 Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most underrated and least used technique. But it is the most reliable technique to reach the potential audience through the creation of informative and interesting videos. We do the magic that can be created to sell a brand.

  • We build it around the brand story and the reason for its existence
  • We get directly to the purpose of the tale video during the 10-15 seconds and make sure that the audience gets hooked to the video right from the beginning.

Increase the reach of the video by adding SEO value to it by tagging relevant keywords

Email marketing

  • Customer database generation and relationship management are required to capture and analyze data to provide better service.
  • Interest-based targeting through emails will help in determining specific audience for your business.
  • We are a technology-driven firm and hence interactive email programs which are tailor-made for your business have higher possibilities to attract the right audience.

Direct marketing is an inevitable process where actual communication is carried out through different actionable segments, emphasizing on campaign analytics, customer data, and accountability.

Let’s Get Started!

The only way to accomplish social media victory is with a thorough, thoughtful strategic plan and hard work. Citrus.ph Digital Marketing services is the key to unlocking your brand’s potential and ultimately, your company’s growth. Your goals are our goals. We believe in partnering with you, and unlike the extra-large agencies, the measurable results we’re known for coming at a reasonable price point with satisfaction guaranteed!

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Get a free Brand Checkup today!

Our experts will evaluate your unique business opportunities & determine where you can improve to drive more traffic and leads for your brand.
Yes, Send it Over!
Don't worry, we don't give out your info. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.
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