Useful Business Skills You Can Teach Yourself For Free

Useful Business Skills You Can Teach Yourself For Free

Thanks to the internet, there’s a whole lot you can teach yourself for free! You can access millions of resources online from everyday useful tips to key business skills. And you don’t even have to buy expensive equipment or sign up to expensive courses to learn valuable career or personal skills.

So what’s the challenge? Because of the dense amount of resources you can tap it’ll be hard to find one worth your time. So we saved you the hassle and listed down 10 useful business skills you can teach yourself for free and resources to go along with it.

How to write better

In our content-driven world where everyone is online sharing stories on a regular basis, from emails to blogs or even a short tweet, everyone is now a writer. Whether you want to stand out or pursue writing there’s always a way to get better. Start by naming your goal in writing and you can probably find free resources for that. But if you’re looking into improving your writing in a more general sense, you can watch this 18-minute video of Beth Dunn at INBOUND to inspire you.

But the key to writing better is to practice everyday, just like what Beth said in her talk. Grab a pen and paper and start writing! If you’re more comfortable with using your keyboard or your phone there are great FREE writing prompt apps out there.

  1. Grid Diary uses a diary like format where you can answer questions just right anything that comes to mind.
  2. Daily Page emails you writing prompt that you can either share or keep in private.
  3. 750 Words is perfect for “brain dumping” where you can just write whatever you want.
  4. Wattpad, for a more advanced challenge of writing short stories and novels. You can also participate in writing challenges. Plus a huge library of stories from writers like yourself.
  5. Google Docs is already within your reach and that’s great. It’s free for Google account users, plus the app is commonly a default in most android devices.

How to type faster.

Typing faster is one of the business skills to help you save time and increase productivity. One of the most common method is to “Touch type” or typing without looking at the keyboard. With how much typing we do in a day, some might be able to do this without exerting effort but some might not. A great way to practice is by playing typing games such as Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game or get lessons at TypingClub.

How to capture beautiful photos.

You don’t need fancy cameras and expensive photography courses to take stunning photos. All you need is your smartphone camera, a subject and the drive to learn some photo-taking skills!

One of the most common tip is the “Rule of thirds”. By breaking the image down into thirds horizontally and vertically, then placing the subject of interest in the intersection or along the lines, photos will appear more balanced. You can make the grids appear in your camera settings.

Rule of thirds as part of business skills you should learn

Get in the habit of taking photos more often to put this into practice. Want to practice more skills? There are a lot of content out there to give you tips on taking great photos with your smartphone camera.

How to edit those photos

Captured a good photo? Don’t stop there! You can turn any good photo great with photo editing. There are a lot photo editing apps available for your phone and it’s easy to use too.

  1. VSCO Cam took the highlight the past year for slapping filters and editing on-the-go. If you like a more softer and authentic looking filters, then this is the app for you.
  2. Snapseed can do basic photo enhancement like tuning, cropping and straightening.
  3. Instagram also has basic editing tools and it’s free!

How to use Microsoft Excel for more than just tables.

Most of us have some experience in excel for making tables, equations or gathering ideas. But excel can do more than just that. By automating your spreadsheet you can save hours upon hours of manual encoding. Check out these resources!

How to code.

Learning how to code is a big advantage for anyone in the marketing or business industry. You don’t have to study the hard coding but at least learning just the basics would help you communicate better with your developers and will empower you to do even quick fixes.

Although there are a lot of online courses, it might be costly. Unlike Codecademy, one of the longtime favourite of beginners to learn coding. They teaches you how to code interactively and really guides you through the learning process.

How to implement inbound marketing.

Like what we said before, with the internet and our content-driven world, getting your hands on great resources on inbound marketing is a piece of cake. From the basics of developing a strategy to optimizing your webpage.

You can search through the internet for courses online or you can subscribe to blogs, specifically, our blog. We post weekly blogs about business, marketing, social media, wen design and more. Check our blogs and subscribe!

How to read and speak foreign language.

For those who was able to attend their Spanish class,  French class or other foreign language class and actually learned the language, well good for you. You just added another great skill in your artillery. It might take you years to speak fluently but with consistent practice, you can get pretty close to it.

You can borrow books from the local library for free or you can also download language learning apps, some are even interactive and fun. And to help you in your everyday practice, one simple hack is to change your phone or computer interface languages to that of the one you are learning!

How to negotiate better.

Whether it’s with your team, your boss or a potential client, negotiating skills will come very, very handy in business. That’s why it’s one of the business skills highly recommended you should learn. By learning negotiation skills, you can be more confident, gain more competitive advantage and even preserve relationships in the brink of destruction from conflicts. Okay, destruction may be over the top but you get what we mean.

Check these quick reads, Negotiate Like A Professional, How To Negotiate Better Using Four Simple Rules and Ten Tips for Negotiating in 2019.

How to meditate.

Yup, meditation is one of the business skills you should have. Because starting your day with meditation makes your day a lot more productive. According to a study, those who meditate “stayed on tasks longer and made fewer task switches, as well as reporting less negative feedback after task performance.”

One the business skills you can learn for free

One of the favourite Headspace offers free 10 guided sessions of meditation, you can opt to pay subscription later or not. Still, there are free online resources for meditating, you can also search the web for good music for meditating.

Whether you add business skills because you need it or you just want to, it’s always a great attitude to always learn something new. Even better if it’s something useful to you! Got skills you think everyone can learn for free? Share it!

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