4 Tips for Real Estate Agents on How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

4 Tips for Real Estate Agents on How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

If you are an experienced real estate agent or one that is wet behind the ears, you must always keep in mind that marketing changes with trends and technology. For many years it was the prolific bus bench advertisements that were coveted by the top real estate agents in every area, but times they are a-changing. These days marketing is so much more than just getting your face on a bench or a billboard. Marketing is what sells your listings and makes you money, and you better start taking video marketing seriously. With the right strategy, you can increase your closing percentages by double or more.

Long gone are the days of browsing listing in the paper and booking appointments with customers to view them. Now you have the technology available to show any of your properties just about any way you want without the potential buyer ever setting foot near the home. So you may be asking yourself how to make sure you have an effective video marketing strategy, as it is more important than ever in the real estate industry. Every year video marketing is growing and it is time that you jump on board the video-train if you haven’t already.

Planning is the Biggest Key To Success

You may think that it is pretty basic to throw together some videos of your listings and put them up online for potential buyers and sellers to see. This could not be any further from the truth, as your video marketing strategy needs to be solid for months in advance to have a chance at succeeding. Shooting the video is the easy part of all of this, which will be discussed in detail later, the most important part is getting the videos on the right platform, with the right audience, and the right SEO to draw people in from search engines.

It all starts with your plan, and it is going to help to enlist some help if you are unfamiliar with the video landscape. Your videos need to be scheduled and posted consistently to keep you relevant, so it is important that you do a lot of work beforehand. This is not going to be some amateur channel on Youtube with hastily uploaded selfie videos.

You will need quality videos, relevant information, timely posting, and multiple ways of bringing traffic in. More importantly, it’s vital to consult a strong copywriting professional to make your videos and ads enticing to the end-customer. There are now services like Grab My Essay and TrustMyPaper, where you can reach our to marketing and copywriting specialists to craft a strong ad.

Do Not Underestimate Your Budget

There is no room for error in this department, as the videos you use in your marketing strategy are what will increase your sales numbers. You never want to overextend yourself in any way with your real estate career, but it is important to put enough money into your videos to have high production value.

This doesn’t have to mean you go out and hire an expensive video production company to take care of it for you, it means you need to learn how to use your budget properly. One of the best parts of technology advancing so quickly is that you can usually get very high-quality gear at a fraction of the price because it is slightly older or used.

You also walk around with about the most versatile piece of technology ever made in your pocket. Cellphones have come a long way from giant battery packs and antennas; now phone calls are just about the least of people’s worries.
While not every smartphone is equal in the video making department, some of the newer ones have some impressive cameras built-in. With a little bit of training, you can turn yourself into an amateur videographer in a very short period of time. Speaking of technology, there are some interesting options available to make your video marketing even more impressive.

Take Advantage of Gadgets and Technology

As mentioned above, there are so many advancements in technology these days you can use to make your videos pop. You cannot really go anywhere these days without seeing drones for sale and they are quickly becoming a very useful tool in the real estate industry, among others.

With a drone, you can get airborne and get views and angles of your listings that would have been near impossible 20 years ago. You may balk at the price tag of some of the newer drones, but always remember the second-hand market can be full of inexpensive goodies.

Drones are not the only technological gadgets out there that help with making videos more appealing. You have the ever-popular go-pro style camera for getting different angles, which can be handy when a drone isn’t available in some situations.

Something as simple as an automatic tripod with a remote can turn a standard smartphone into a quality video making device. You need to see what is available in your price range and go over the pros and cons they would add to your particular strategy and video content type.

Never Forget About the Customer

Switching from an old fashioned sales and marketing strategy to something innovative, like video marketing, can seem like a giant leap and things can get lost in the shuffle. It is essential that you keep the potential buyers and sellers in mind throughout the entire transition and planning of your new strategy. You can have the best-made videos on the internet but they won’t mean a thing if you don’t do what is needed to speak to the customers. You are still selling the same product and service to the same people, you are just doing it in a very different way.

Customers have too many options in real estate these days so it is crucial to keep them happy and feeling important. Use real people in your videos that people can connect with, even if it is just for a voiceover. Buying a home is a very big deal for the average person, and you want them to know that you understand how big of a deal it really is.

You can do this by making your videos high-quality but approachable at the same time. There is a fine balance here that may take some time to help to get right. If you plan well and try to look at all the fine details you should be finding yourself getting more sales in the long run.

The take-home message

You may find yourself thinking that you don’t have the experience, time, training, or money to get into an entirely new type of marketing for your real estate career. It is time to understand that the tools are out there for anyone to run a successful video marketing campaign all on their own, or with limited help. The major thing you need to understand when you decide to revamp your marketing is that nothing is going to come without a lot of time, hard work, and diligence.

A lot of this is going to be based on the amount of effort you put into learning the technology, tools, and strategies to make it work. You never want to rush out a video marketing plan, as it is just never going to end up successful. Keep your wits about you, know your limits, and keep your brain prepared to learn some new skills every day. Video marketing for your real estate career could effectively be a game-changer, so it is definitely worth your time to look into it.

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Our experts will evaluate your unique business opportunities & determine where you can improve to drive more traffic and leads for your brand.
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