10 Powerful Tricks to Maximize Instagram for Your Business

10 Powerful Tricks to Maximize  Instagram for Your Business


Grow your brand awareness, introduce new products, and make use of the latest social media marketing strategies with these 10 Instagram tricks you can’t afford to ignore! 


With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has steadily become one of the leading platforms for business promotion. This heavily visual and interactive platform allows businesses to boost their sales by putting a face to their brand, building connections with their consumers, and staying up to date with the market trends. 

As the  e-commerce landscape rapidly evolves, small businesses and social media marketing agencies in the Philippines and around the globe have created different strategies to adapt to the shift in customers’ buying behavior, and market competition. Maximize and strengthen your business’ online presence especially during these ever changing times with these 10 effective tips we’ve rounded up for you. 


  1. Use the Instagram Business Profile feature

Social media marketing agencies and various businesses make use of these free business profile features on Instagram together with its other business tools to make their profile stand out. To gain the valuable perks of these free features, you have to switch to a Business Profile first which will create a ‘Contact’ button and ‘Location’ tag on your profile. 

Through the Instagram analytics tool named  “Insights”, you can also view your online statistics from like impressions, to reach, and even engagement which can  help you better understand your audience.


  1. Make a striking profile

When promoting your business using Instagram, your Instagram profile essentially becomes the face of your brand. This is why crafting a winning profile that highly evokes your brand identity is important in catching your audience’s attention and building initial trust with your potential customers. Pro tip: Make it a habit of updating it frequently, focusing on your next big thing.


  1. Build anticipation and offer exclusive content

A crucial part of any effective marketing campaign is keeping the customers interested. Hence, social media marketing agencies and different businesses see to it that they maintain their audience entertained and engaged by posting materials that align with their liking.

In addition, they also use the strategy of rewarding loyal followers with exclusive content about new products, events or services, and even discounts. You may adapt these tricks to ensure that your followers feel that they’re valued, which will drive them to keep coming back for more insider information.


  1. Create killer copy

Despite being a virtual platform where aesthetically pleasing photos are usually on the spotlight, captions for Instagram posts are also significant as they greatly help build your brand. Through the tone and creativity of your copy, you can showcase your brand identity and forge a genuine connection with your previous and potential customers.


  1. Utilize sponsored ads

To reach your target audience and to gain a wider reach, you can also create Instagram ads. This is utilized by social media marketing agencies as well as small businesses because it allows brands to wisely target their specific audience while controlling exactly how much they want to spend on their advertisements. 


  1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are displayed at the top of follower timelines,  making them more visible to users. You can use this to capture behind-the-scenes insider posts, create polls to get to know your customers’ preferences, repost customer feedback, do flash sales and promos, or even to tag other accounts when you’re doing partnerships. 


  1. Collaborate with influencers 

Another way of expanding your reach is by partnering with influencers. Working with the right industry influencer who reflects your brand values can effectively boost your following and even build hype on your products and services to their followers, 


  1. Widen your reach with unique #hashtags

Social media marketing agencies and small businesses deem having a catchy main company hashtag (“#yourbrandname”) very important. If used frequently across Instagram, it makes it easier for people to find your main account as well as content related to your brand. It is advised to use between three to five hashtags that consist of your campaign-specific hashtags and more mainstream hashtags to ensure that people are lead to your page. 


  1. Post user-submitted photos

Real reviews from real people matters. You can establish the legitimacy of your business and create a positive brand identity by having your customers generate useful content for you. In addition to this, you may also post customer feedback to put your potential customers at ease when deciding to purchase from you.


  1. Evaluate your success and build on it

The best recipe to success, even in the digital space, is consistency and adaptability.  By properly analyzing the metrics and listening to your audience’s response, you will be able to know what works best for you on this Instagram guide.

Build on what creates a positive impact on your brand and follow through with creative additions every now and then to maintain steady business progress while keeping your audience engaged.

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Our experts will evaluate your unique business opportunities & determine where you can improve to drive more traffic and leads for your brand.
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Don't worry, we don't give out your info. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.
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